WELCOME TO THE delange/Scott Water Troubleshooter

(Formerly The Water Engine and The Brewing Engine)

Created and Formatted by Derek Scott

Background Functions and Water Chemistry/Theory by A.J. deLange and Adapted by Derek Scott

The Water Engine uses the method of charge conservation and accounts for all mash components in mEq directly rather than relying on any proxies for their individual acidity. This sheet is a work in progress and will be updated frequently as features are strengthened and added.

Please note that the sheet is not protected, i.e. follow the legend and play around at your own risk!

Revision History:

v1.00 - Initial Release

v1.01 - Expanded to include more macro buttons

v1.02 - Revamped the pH DI and titration co-efficient information. Sheet is now back to polynomial malt malt modeling around pH DI, a1, a2, and a3. Corrected an issue with the cation/anion calculations.

v1.03 - Added the ability to choose Tap/Source water as Sparge water, Sparge Water Acidification calculator, and SRM prediction for batch with Low Oxygen modifier. Also added back the ability to use Antioxin SBT as the mash antioxidant. Standalone Sauergut Calculator added.

v1.04 - Rearranged the interface.

v1.05 - Corrected a few errors. The first had to do with leaving out Nitrate from the Ion Balance calculator. The second had to do with essentially "double dipping" on Calcium and Magnesium in QCa and QMg.

v1.06 - Corrected Solver references causing errors in Calcium Hydroxide amounts and Sparge acid amounts.

v1.07 - Corrected issues in PL sheet with lbm values for grains. Also added a macro button for solving for Alkalinity using the inputted water profile and the ion balance.

v1.08 - Corrected an error in the Cation/Anion balance equations that was skewing the Anion total based on incorrect equations in the background functions. Also corrected the revision number on both sheets and corrected some of the comments in the background functions. 

Troubleshooter/Voltmeter v1.00 - Removed the Macro-Free Water Engine in favor of a revised deLange Troubleshooter/Voltmeter.

v1.09 - Made some minor formatting changes. Moved dQMalt to the main malt section. 

v1.10 - MAJOR UPDATE!!! This version eliminates the solver completely. In addition, I made a few bug fixes and formatting changes. The Sparge Water Acidification calculator has been removed temporarily so that i can work it into the solver-less format. This version invalidates the walkthrough docs for the macros and solvers so those PDFs have been deleted. It also removes the need for the Expanded deLange Troubleshooter so that has been removed as well.

v1.11 - Minor revisions to clean up background code and formatting.

v1.12 - MAJOR REVISON!!! The Brewing Engine is here. Legacy Water Engine sheets will still be available but the whole Water Engine algorithm is in the new sheet.

Some housekeeping:

1.) Grain/Sugar input is % only. Use the embedded converter to get your percentages.

2.) Hop input is % BU only. Use the embedded converter to get your percentages.

3.) The sheet is Metric based. Use the embedded converter to get your metric values if you are a Standard unit user.

v1.13 - Some bug fixes (KCl, starter wort, gravity) and added a strike temperature calculation.

v1.14 - Some basic formatting changes. Fixed an error where mineral ppm values were not taking into account HLT volume, i.e. some people does the HLT for minerals which has more volume than Strike. If you set HLT losses to zero it's the same as dosing only the Strike Volume. Also fixed an issue with the hydrometer correction.

v1.15 - Added a cell detailing how Libre Office users can update their settings to allow automatic update of calculations.

v1.16 - Fixes an error in Phosphoric and Lactic acid density and normality. Also retires The Water Engine.

v1.17 - Expanded the Volume correction calculator.

v1.18 - Revised formatting and general layout of the sheet. My initial distribution was really a rough draft and now i've taken the time to shore some things up. 

v1.19L - Revised sheets scales back the scope of the sheet drastically to account for what I am intending as an extended hiatus from brewing and frequenting the forums. pH prediction, gravity estimation and hop calculations are still present but the sheet has been stripped down to only account for key brewday functions. 

v1.20 - MAJOR REVISION - 6/13/2019 - Formatting changes, yeast section added, packaging section added. KETTLE ACID additions added but PROCEED WITH CARE as the calculations are new and are untested as of yet. I feel it is a good start but look forward to feedback.

v1.21 - Fixes and error in QMalt calculation. 

v1.22 - Fixes major error in QLactic and QPhosphoric.

v1.23 - Minor fixes to calcs and formatting. Lite version strips all bells and whistles for just Mash pH and water portions.

6/21/2019 - Sheet down for maintenance and troubleshooting. Please use attached solver spreadsheet for basic water and pH estimation help. For those who have problems with the solver, I've include the QTotal and FindpHz functions.

deLange/Scott Water Troubleshooter v2.00 - This is the classic troubleshooter/voltmeter first posted at HBT by A.J. deLange and subsequently formatted and exapnded by me. It is a basic tool for estimating pH of a specific mash.