Seat and backrest cushions

The source pad is good to use for pain in the back, hip or tailbone. The source pad facilitates sitting with good posture and helps to preserve the natural bending of the spine. When seated on an ordinary chair, there is a tendency to collapse a little because of its flat surface. This is a contributing factor in the fact that many people suffer from back shots, herniated discs and similar disorders associated with prolonged sitting. The source pad creates a forward angle that makes it easier to sit more correctly, which leads to better loading on the back tissues. Our best lumbar support for car are also designed to maintain a better back position for optimal support and comfort. If you have difficulty knowing what suits you best, you are welcome to Temo Sjukvårdsbutik to try out the best option.

Do not underestimate what a back support can do for you at work. Simple and ingenious

It is sometimes said that the back is man's weakest point. It went pretty fast when evolution urged us to go upright instead of crawling on all fours. As you may have known for yourself, back pain is quite common. Combined with a sedentary occupation and too little exercise, it can cause sick leave and pain. Maybe unnecessarily?

Lumbar support car

If you spend working hours sitting in the car, you know that comfort is important. You should sit comfortably, regardless of whether it is city traffic or highway sections you handle. Many people think that a lumbar support solves many problems. You should have one that suits you. It can be placed loosely in the seat or clamped. Maybe you have different needs at different times throughout the day? Treat yourself to testing a couple of different. It should feel as good as in an office chair of high quality. Beware of adapting too much to the car - on the contrary, it is better. Your length, your weight and your tasks should determine which lumbar support for the car you should have. There are, of course, a lot of cars' designs that are ergonomically thought out. If you are driving an automatic car you always have a footrestfor the left foot for example, think about something like that in the office! It makes comfortable relief and can be used completely flexibly, if necessary.

Backrest cushion

Unfortunately, if the human body is not completely optimal for going upright, the same thing applies to sitting. It's at least as bad. But the positive thing is that we have known this for a long time and work chairs and other equipment in the workplaces have been adapted. We are invited to combine sitting and standing. Many chairs help us find suitable locations. If you still feel that something is missing, a spine support like a pillow can make a big difference. We are individuals with different lengths and depths of the swine and sometimes extra support is needed.

Auto Show in France

Volkswagen Golf Restyling

At the end of 2016, the restyled VW Golf model should enter the market (in the photo, the current generation of the car). In order to find out what's new in the new Golf, you need to carefully look at the new generation of Audi A3 . Apparently in the restyled golf we are waiting for a digital dashboard and many other electronic technologies. In addition, the new Volkswagen will receive instead of the 1.4 TSI engine, the new 1.5 TSI engine.

Toyota C-HR

The main expected car in Paris will be the new Toyota C-HR crossover , which was first shown at the Geneva Motor Show. This unusual coupe SUV has an amazing and unusual appearance. It is planned that the car will begin to be produced from the end of 2016 or at the beginning of 2017. The car will be equipped with a hybrid power plant (electric motor + 1.2 liter turbocharged gasoline engine with 115 hp).

Smart Fortwo / Forfour ED

In Paris, there will be two versions of Smart cars , which are equipped with one electric motor. It is planned that electric minicars will be sold in early 2017.

Skoda Kodiaq

The new Skoda model will enter the market in autumn 2016. The car will be slightly larger than the Volkswagen Tiguan , but slightly smaller than the VW Touareg .

Seat Leon Cross Sport

Recently announced in Paris, the company Seat will present a new model Leon Cross Sport. True, the car will be presented as a concept. This concept car will be a further development of Leon Cross Sport, which was first shown at many car shows in 2015.

Renault Koleos

At the Paris Motor Show, the public’s attention at the Renault booth will be special to the new Koleos crossover. The new model received a design in the style of the new model Talisman. Also, the novelty is closely related to the technical side of the crossover Nissan X-Trail. The machine will be equipped with two petrol and two diesel engines with a capacity of 130 to 172 hp.

Renault Twingo GT

Here is a new rear-wheel drive model Renault Twingo, which share the same platform with Smart Forfour. The only thing that Twingo will be cheaper than Mercedes-Smart. Renault will get a 109-horsepower engine. Sales will begin in the fall of 2016. It is expected that the mini car will be debuted in Paris.